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Love Spells


rose water
vanilla bean or extract
gold glitter or two gold stars
almond oil

This recipe comes from a New Orleans voodoo spell. Prepare a perfumed oil
using almond oil as a base. Add seven drops of rose water, three drops of
extract or three drops of fresh lemon juice, a vanilla bean or seven drops
of vanilla
extract, and gold glitter or two gold stars. Anoint your pulse points
before going
out or add to bath water for a magical love attraction bath.



For those of you who want a "get even" spell, this would be the one. Of course, thehigher road would be the Love Healing Bath. But some of us travel the low road. One of the most useful purposes of this spell is the cleansing and cathartic experienceafforded the practitioner. Whether or not the spell actually affects the ex-lover is not
as important as the anger it releases from within the practitioner. Usually the spellwill mildly affect the party on whom it is performed and greatly improve the emotional and spiritual state of the one who is erforming it. However, the more often the spellis repeated, the more negative will be the effect it will have upon both parties. The
ex will become blocked in love and sexual fulfillment, while the practitioner may become melancholic and more and more obsessive. It is best to perform this spellonly once and then be done with it.
Figs were sacred in matriarchal societies because they represented the female gentals. In medieval times they were shunned by church fathers as licentious and evil fruit. Some even believe it was a fig and not an apple that Eve tempted Adam with. The fig has been firmly established throughout time as a surrogate for the vagina.
Cucumbers (or zucchini, if you will) are a common modern epresentation or surrogate for the male genitals. To work this spell, choose the fruit or vegetable that is representative of the sex of your former partner. Carve his or her name into the cucumberor fig as you visualize his or her genitals. Place the fig or cucumber into the freezer.
This should be done on a waning moon. The effects of this spell will be to freeze the genitals of your partner, thereby preventing him or her from experiencing any sexual pleasure. This spell seems to work best when the former partner was known to becheating on you during the course of the relationship. It can also be performed ontwo parties if you know whom your partner left you for. In such a case, the practi-
tioner-let's call her Sonja, a beautiful European socialite-would use one zucchini labeled "Ronald" for her land-grubbing, skirt-chasing ex-husband and one fig carved
with the name "Georgia" for the big blond bimbo Ronnie left her for. The spell can also be worked on a current partner who you are sure is having an affair. Do not perform this on a current partner unless you are completely sure he or she is cheating.
Otherwise he/she will lose all interest in having sex with you and will
probably go out and have an affair. Remove the frozen items after thirteen days and bury them in the ground.
This last part of the ritual is designed for the practitioner. It will not harm the ex-lover. The burial serves as a ritual to help you to completely let go of your no-good ex. Even if you still want him or her back, remember the old adage "Plant you now, dig you later." Now is the time to let it go. Follow up with Masha's Mourning Spell if necessary.